Monday, March 14, 2011

2 kinds of gyms - a difference of slogan

 Currently I am striving to get back into  my  fitness and weight training routine after being out of the game for so long due to  injury in my  neck. A while back I wrote a post about 2 kinds of gyms which  seems to be my post popular post ever. Not sure why but it is. Along those lines I recently crossed paths with a shirt from a weightlifting site that put  the hardcore gym mentality into perspective vs that if the regular fitness gym. It made me laugh when I saw it and yet it is so true   as well but this only applies to the gym.  This shirt says it all- tell me what you think.  


Courtesy of

"Don't start counting 'til it hurts. "

This is definitely applicable in the gym, but be wary of applying this theory to other areas of your life, such as how many donuts you can eat in one sitting or how many seconds you can hold your breath.


Michael Wright said...

Interesting shirt. What do you mean it doesn't apply to donuts? :-)

Michael Wright said...

Not really, I get what you mean.

JW said...

The slogan only applies to weightlifting. For when you are lifting and it becomes painful in the muscle it is then that you are beginning to exercise the muscle.

Too many donuts make a person FAT. That gets painful.