Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC - issues and responsiblity

My wife and I watched some of the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night.  We watched it without commentators. They tend to tell you what it is you should be hearing vs you being able to watch it for yourself and make your own decision.  Later in the evening she went on the computer and constructed an argument and put it on her facebook page.  I thought it was a good  one as well and I want to share it here:

"Why are DNC female speakers so gung-ho about abortion and birth control? Should a woman’s existence be defined by her ability to prevent and abort pregnancies? What about education, career, and financial independence? Does irresponsible sex take precedence over greater, more important matters like these? I dread the day when a woman’s life should revolve around her reproductive organs"  -JW's wife


Alex Harman said...

The purpose of abortion and birth control is to make it possible for a woman's life not to revolve around her reproductive organs, thus making "education, career, and financial independence" feasible for far more women than they would be if abortion and birth control were unavailable.

JW said...

That makes no sense because to have an abortion and birth control usually means you are sexually active so while a girl is making 'career' choices she is first dealing with her sexuality and the consequences thereof. I believe this is at least part of what my wife is referring.

I will have to ask her about it but I would believe that she would most likely that if a woman keeps her pants on and focuses on her career moves she would not have to be bothered by making an abortion choice of taking birth control with the option of getting an STD.