Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Facebook and the need to express.........

 Alot of people get annoyed with the things they see others post on Facebook. It could be mindless games or the latest trendy story.  It causes most of us to roll our eyes and ask why we are on Facebook in the first place if that is all there is.

I am on Facebook for 2 reasons. The most important is that I can stay in touch with extended family whom I would only know their whereas through  immediate family.

The other reason is because there are groups on Facebook that I wish to social with in order to learn.

Yet, the main reason for this post is something a little different and something I find amusing and  I often wonder  what the headline should be.   I had a family member undergo heart surgery last week. Most of the immediate family were there on that day and even the day after during the evening time. This is my mom's husband.  He is 67 and did remarkably well through it. Anything medical he runs from so he passed this test with flying colors despite.
I found that my sister n law praised my mom on Facebook for all of the things she does with the grandkids and even with this surgery.  Her mom then responded  in praise as well and naming my mom's name.  What is ironic is my mom is not on Facebook.  So,  what does this say about any person who puts out a praise to a person who doesn't do social media? Is it a new concept?  Is it just needing to vent?   I find it amusing.  She will not even know this  was voiced unless someone  actually tells her.  Will I be the first one? haha I find it funny.  My sister n law tends to express whatever comes to her mind and often times it is  teenagerish. Hmm, that sounds like what part of Facebook has actually come to  as well , doesn't it?

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Chris Rose said...

John, the debate goes on.

I've written two blog posts about social media, but, hopefully, with hint of ironic humour - my little Tweeters or Tits series.

But we create needs, don't we. We were fine without them, but once we've created them, we can't seem to do without them...

Aye, there's the rub and all that.

Glad the surgery was successful :-) All the best.