Friday, February 14, 2014

social media and temperament ideology

Recently I found  a little trend that I found to be quite unique and I really wonder why it is happening. It  centers around  individuals on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is a very fast pasted social media platform whereas Facebook is not unless I am not following  enough people.

Recently I had a discussion with someone on Twitter on homosexuality.  We differed on our opinions and she began to label me with buzzwords  because I didn't not agree with her stance. I found it immature but I also find that the temperament of these conversations get heated up by one side more than the other. The mind seems made up and if I don't agree than I am the one who is wrong.  Does this encourage diversity as many liberals like the champion?    In any case, I told this individual that I would not discuss it anymore but this person kept it going and then she  said the same thing a day later. Then I found that she unfollowed me which I found to be hypocritical.

On Facebook a similar thing happened.  An individual posted a picture of 2 people simulating the luge (spelling) but in this case it was  using  the 2 individuals as if they were gay and they were going back and forth as simulated sex with their clothes on. A few people made positive comments on it. I found it to be tasteless and utterly ridiculous. Even heterosexuals doing do those things on tv.  This individual  sent me an email asking if they should unfriend me if those types of things bothered me.  I have an unfriend button as well and if I wanted to unfriend this person I would have done it.. It would have been better for this person to talk it out just a little bit.

I have also noticed on my twitter feed that  there are phases in which I begin getting people following me and then they drop off after a week. I wonder if that is the result of a bot or are people really glued to their twitter that they do  hit and runs?  I don't get it in the end.

I follow  a myriad of people on twitter and I would say half of them I don't agree with but I follow anything to  understand their points of view even  if they look to lower themselves to the level of
"I am right you are wrong' attitude."  There is alot of anger in America coming from the Liberal mentality and yet they  hate Conservative thinkers because they think Conservative push  ideology? Ironic.

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Jeremiah said...

Good observations. I've noticed people make blanket statements like "If you're one of those people who think xyz, then I don't even want to be your friend. You're too close-minded." Makes you wonder how they define open minded? Anyone who thinks like them, or at the very least doesn't threaten the way they think?