Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My continuing adventure in education

 2 years ago I made an education change in my life. Previously I had   worked my way to an A.A. degree in liberal arts and  then transferred to a University and majored in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on psychology and communications. I had 4 classes in on that B.A. degree when I asked myself what can I do  with this degree in regards to the place I work. I could not answer that so I decided to  change direction and play with the computer field.

 I transferred back to the college I got my A.A. degree in and took up Computer networking beginning with A+ . That is learning about the basics of the computer.  Both hard drive and  software.  I found it  hard overall. I have not transitioned to doing network fundamentals and this involved routing with Cisco.  A fascinating field and yet very technical. It is an 8 week class and my fear is  like the last class I took under this heading.  Too much information in such a short period of time can lead to brain overload.

This class is online. My wife is also taking an online class but her class runs the full semester.  I told her we might fight for the computer but then again I have a laptop so maybe  I should use it? ha

Yet the B.A. I was working on comes back to haunt me.   I think it is because I  feel a more natural being   in that field and even journalism has fascinated me a great deal in the last year yet  I don't know how constructively I could use such a thing in my currently profession. I might be able to use it but at this moment in time I am ignorant  in that knowledge.  So, in the meantime I am learning network fundamentals and how computers talk to each other and the use of IP addresses.



Martin Conterez said...

Even after two masters degrees I still want to learn every day. Education is something that nobody can ever take from you and is always worth the investment.

C.D. Mitchell said...

Good luck with your educational quest. i have a BSBA in finance and banking and never worked a day in finance in my life. Any degree will serve you well as education can only make you a better employee. allow yourself to explore something that fascinates you, and don't feel as if every course must serve a purpose. I never took astronomy in college because I wondered what i would do with it, but there isn't a day I look at the sky and wish I had spent some time at the university telescope exploring the stars and learning the constellations!

Kelly Boyer Sagert said...

Best of luck! Although I never used my psychology degree in any official capacity, I have found it useful in much of my writing. Learning is so interconnected . . .